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              Semi-Solid Metal Forming


              Thin Wall

              Castings can easily shape since semi-solid metal slurry carries good fluidity. Compared with common casting(0.8mm thinnest wall), the thickness of casting by semi-solid processing can reach 0.6mm.


              Heat Treatable(T6)

              Casting by semi-solid metal forming is T6 treatable because it is porosity-free. The mechanical properties of aluminum 319 alloy would greatly improve after T6 treatment with yield strength by 350Mpa and tensile strength by 410Mpa.


              No Shrinkage  &  Dispersed Shrinkage

              Casting by semi-solid processing have only 1%-2% shrinkage for the reason that semi-solid slurry is 10%-50% liquid, which means lower shrinkage than casting formed by liquid metal( 7%shrinkage). By adopting Squeeze Casting Processing, casting can be free of gas entrapment and shrinkage.

              Due to the lower pressures and temperatures required to die cast semi-solid metal, die has longer service life for it bears less thermal shocks and casting needs lower contraction.


              Excellent Pressure Tightness

              Compared with common casting,semi-solid slurry is more stable and consistent during die filing. No splashing, turbulent filling exists. By stable die filing, casting has a uniform structure, excellent pressure tightness, no gas entrapment and no shrinkage.


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